Why Choose Amanda's No Tricks Just Treats
to help train your dog?

german shepherdBecause YOU:

  • Want a well adjusted, fully socialized puppy who's well-behaved around people of all ages, sizes, shapes and ethnicities.
  • Want a confident, secure dog accustomed to all environments, surfaces and noises.
  • Wish your pet could learn to be happy in new and distracting situations.
  • Suffer from the heartache caused by a “counter surfer”.
  • Want to be able to take your pet on a nice, LEISURLY walk instead of being dragged down the street.
  • Want your pet to stop lunging, barking and/or growling at people or animals on your walks.
  • Feel your pet is ignoring you and has selective deafness.
  • Wish your dog would stop following you wherever you go and not cry incessantly or destroy things when you go out or if he's left out of a room.
  • Want your dog to have more self control!
  • Wish your pet to stop running out every open door - for safety and time's sake - and that your dog would come running joyfully to you when they are called.
  • Would love to go and enjoy an evening out knowing your dog & your home are safe in your absence.
  • Want your family to be safe and not be growled at when they're near the dog’s dinner dish, toys/bones.
  • Would love to take your pet to the dog park, to outdoor cafes, a friend’s house free of fear & embarrassment;… to become More Than Welcome where ever you may take them!

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Because YOU are:

  • thinking of getting another pet, but are not sure what is best Will it work? Male or Female? Cat or Dog?
  • Having a baby and unsure of how your dog will react.
  • Sick and tired of buying new furniture or filling in the holes around your yard.
  • Tired of cleaning up "potty accidents" in your house.
  • Moving to  a bigger / smaller home in a city / suburb / apartment complex / place with a yard - and uncertain of how will this affect your pet

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Because YOUR PET:

  • Is a four legged, hairy jumping machine and no one is safe!
  • Bites at the oncoming vacuum cleaner, attacks bicycles or becomes loopy at the sight of skateboards.
  • Thinks everyone passing the house needs to hear a five alarm warning!
  • Thinks the mail coming through the slot is fun to rip up!
  • Loves to pee under the dining room table!
  • Thinks your kids are fun to chase and nip!
  • Will only listen to you in the kitchen.
  • Is so, so, SO cute - but no one finds his crazy antics funny anymore!

Choose Amanda’s No Tricks, Just Treats! because you want to find a better way to deal with any issues you are having AND strengthen the relationship you have with your pet. No matter what tricks your pet does to show off - nothing beats positive training and resolving conflicts to make life even sweeter!

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Amanda Berk for fourteen years. During this time I have watched as Amanda has taken her love of animals and made it into a career. She has a gift of understanding and communicating with a variety of animals. Her vibrant personality makes her a pleasure to be around.

Kimberly S.

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