Dog Behavior Problems

bad dogIs your dog out of control? Destroying your house? Impossible to walk? Here are just a few of the common dog behavior problems and issues that Amanda's No Tricks Just Treats! can help you address!

Pulling on leash
Teaching your dog to walk nicely on a leash - loose-leash walking.

Growling - "Resource Guarding"
Growling when someone approaches the pet's food/water bowl, bed or toys

On-Leash Anxiety and Aggression
Lunging at people, vehicles and other dogs when on leash

Housebreaking / Housetraining / House Soiling Problems
Housetraining your new puppy, remedial potty training for adult dogs.

Not coming when called
Name recognition and recall exercises.

"Separation Anxiety"
Whining, barking or being destructive when left alone.

Impulse control
Dogs who jump on people, "counter surf", jump on counters, steal food, etc.

Excessive barking
Dogs who bark constantly and at everything! I'll help you address this unnecessary barking.

Handling and Grooming Issues
Teaching your dog to accept positive handling and grooming on all areas of his/her body so that you can safely examine their feet, trim their nails, clean their ears, brush, bathe and groom them.

Phobias and Anxieties
Fearful reactions to people places or things

Rushing through doorways
Your pet will learn proper "doorway behavior".

Lack of Attention
Your dog will learn to focus on YOU when needed, any time and any place.

Social Issues
Dogs and other dogs, dogs and kids, making friends with strangers

"Hyper" dogs
Calming techniques, including "settle" exercises and massage

To exciting/noisy/distracting objects or people

Getting your new puppy used to a variety of people, places, things and other dogs. Remedial socialization for adult dogs who didn't receive this attention as puppies.

Canine/Human Communication Problems
Understand your pet and what they're trying to "tell" you.

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