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Dog trainer Amanda BerkAllow me to introduce myself. My name is Amanda Berk.

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I have always experienced a deep connection to animals. Growing up, I knew that one day I wished to have a home full of many species, not knowing that this desire could translate into a career! Sidetracked from my true calling I graduated from CUNY Hunter with a major in Sociology, minor in philosophy. Before, during and after I held a number of jobs in high end catering, working with a cast of hundreds to serve a myriad of famous and talented persons.

I currently live with 3 dogs and 2 cats. I helped my Shih-Tzu raise a litter of 7 puppies, and fostered numerous other animals until finding them great homes. After volunteering almost daily for 6 months at an Animal Shelter in Flagstaff, Arizona, I finally comprehended my mission in life. After returning to my home state of N.J., I became a certified NJ Animal Control Officer. Soon after, I learned great things from my Mentor- esteemed Dog Trainer and Animal Behavior expert- Steven Diller in a 3 month/ 400+ hour hands-on internship. An Applied Animal Science and Vet Tech Course rounded out my formal training.

Dedicated to learning, reading and attending seminars on a regular basis, I keep up to date on new methods and ideas in POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT as well as in science and healthy products for your pet. More importantly, building healthy Human- Pet bonds within different families requires kindness, patience, sincerity and malleability- characteristics I believe I possess.

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Amanda Berk for fourteen years. During this time I have watched as Amanda has taken her love of animals and made it into a career. She has a gift of understanding and communicating with a variety of animals. Her vibrant personality makes her a pleasure to be around.

Kimberly S.

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